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IKEA - BRIMNES, Daybed frame with 2 drawers, , With some fluffy, soft pillows as back support, you easily transform this daybed into a comfortable sofa or

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Sue's 280 square feet backyard home in Austin, Texas.

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Ikea day bed which pulls out into a double bed. 3 very large storage draws big enough for a double duvet, pillows, bedding etc. Draws have been painted but ... Customer reviews: LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam ...

I am thrilled that this fits my Brimnes Daybed from Ikea - much better and only slightly thicker than the Ikea mattresses, and only half the price!

Best Ikea Furniture And Decor Pieces For Small Bedrooms

Hemnes Daybed Frame With Three Drawers, $299 For the tiny studio that's lacking space for both a bed and a sofa, the key is finding a piece that can ...