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D-Lactate Free Custom Probiotics Powder (12 gram) Sample

High Count, multi strain probiotic powder with 250 billion cfu’s/gram. People have been using this formula for autism, small bacteria overgrowth, and ...

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Custom Probiotics formulates and supplies custom blends of highest potency and quality probiotics single and multi-strain probiotic dietary supplements.

Spectrumceuticals - Specialists in Integrative Medicine

Specialists in Integrative Medicines - manufacturers of practitioner only d lactate free probiotics, MTHFR, zinc, magnesium, B12, high potency probiotics.

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Learn more about the patented probiotic strain B. infantis 35624. Discover the potential health benefits of probiotics the proposed mechanisms of action ...


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Probiotics are defined as microorganisms that are believed to provide health benefits when consumed. The term probiotic is currently used to name ingested ...

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For a report published in the Annals of Medicine in 2015, for instance, researchers reviewed previously published studies on the effects of probiotics on ...

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Find out what the latest research says about probiotics for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), the best probiotics for SIBO, and how to use them.

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Unexplained causes of various symptoms is frustrating. There it is again. “What the heck? Why am I feeling this way?” It’s easy knowing that if we ...

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In this episode we take more questions on SIBO, probiotics, Hashimoto's, and Cold Thermogenesis.