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Flexible exhuast is a type of exhaust system this is usually piping used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine ...

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Saturn s-series Exhaust Flex Pipe Replacement Disclaimer: This video is not meant to be a definitive how to.Always consult a professional repair ...

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My 1968 Olympique 250 needs a new piece of flex pipe.It has the cute little can muffler that goes to a 1" I.D.flex pipe measureing about 14" long and then ...

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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Tubes are flexible hose bellows that is incorporated as an integral part of the exhaust structure. Designed to withstand the ...

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Heavy Duty Direct Fit Premium Usa Made Exhaust Pipes For Class 6-8 Trucks. Big Rig Chrome Shop For Semi Truck Fleets

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What is a flex pipe and what does it do? A flex pipe is flexible piece of pipe that allows the exhaust system some flexibility. Flex pipes are an essential ...


Walker® offers universal pipe, flex pipe and tubing to assist in exhaust fabrication needs.