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Would you like to speak Irish Gaelic, but don't know where to start? "Irish for Beginners" is a FREE one-month course by Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

Learn Irish Gaelic online - Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Learn to speak Irish online in easy Bitesize portions. Irish (Gaelic) is Ireland's native language. Learn pronunciation from a native speaker of Irish.

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Learn Irish with Rosetta Stone®. Learn to speak Irish with our language-learning software. It's a fun & fast way to learn Irish!

Translate English to Irish Gaelic Translations for Free

On IrishGaelicTranslator.com get free human Irish translation service. English Irish Gaelic translation.

Irish Language, Gaelic, Music, Poetry, Songs, Games, Culture

A student describes how he is learning to speak the Irish language and offers suggestions and creative ideas that he has used to make learning ...

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Take this Gaelic singing lesson and learn a new song as well as Irish singing technique with a native speaker. https://oaim.ie/course/58/songs ...

Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation

A simplified guide to pronouncing the Irish (Gaelic) language, designed for people who are unfamiliar with the language.

Irish language - Wikipedia

The Irish language (Gaeilge), also referred to as the Gaelic or the Irish Gaelic language, is a Goidelic language (Gaelic) of the Indo-European language ...

Learn Irish | learn101.org

Learn Irish through our lessons such as alphabet, adjectives, nouns, plural, gender, numbers, phrases, grammar, vocabulary, verbs, exam, audio, translation ...

Irish Sayings - Gaelic Sayings in the Irish Language

Unique site where you can listen to Irish sayings spoken by native speakers of the Irish language.