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Stealth Gear USA | USA Made Concealable Holsters & Mag ...

Patented VentCore® Technology in the platform. Ventilated with laser-cut ports for cool & comfortable breathability. Ergonomically positioned padding cells

VentCore holsters - Stealth Gear USA

VentCore® holsters are the foundation of the company. It is the ‘better mousetrap’ invented by Paul Laemmlen, then perfected through every day use by professionals and average citizens alike. A VentCore holster is the definition of expecting more from every little detail.

Stealth Gear Ventcore holster review (or warning!?) - YouTube

In case any of my gunnies were interested in Stealthgear (or Aliengear) holsters. Detailed breakdown suggesting you don't ALWAYS get what you ...

Gear Review: StealthGear USA SG-Revolution IWB Mini ...

The VentCore backing is relatively thick and their holsters aren’t exactly cheap. Enter the SG-Revolution. Clearly intent on carrying on the brand’s well-earned rep for comfort through air flow, StealthGear has come up with a new backing design with plenty of breathability — maybe even more than you get in their VentCore models.

Stealth Gear USA Mini IWB Holster Review - YouTube

Review of my Stealth Gear Mini IWB holster for ... Stealth Gear USA Mini IWB Holster Review CZ ... Stealth Gear Ventcore holster ...

New Ventcore® Holster Colors – StealthGearUSA Blog

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added four new color options to our Ventcore® catalog ... Would really like to by a stealth gear holster but would ...

Stealthgear Ventcore. You guys weren't kidding. : CCW

Got my Ventcore yesterday. Lead time was about 23 days. After looking like a confused chimp trying to figure out the best way to adjust the ride...

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533 Reviews of StealthGearUSA "After using my Ventcore holster I have decided to write an unsolicited review. Being new to the whol..." American Fork, Utah

New Revolution Holster from StealthGear

New Revolution Holster from StealthGear Justin Opinion. ... Stealth Gear Ventcore holster review ... StealthGear Revolution AIWB and Mini, ...

New from StealthGear: IWB Mini Holster - The Truth About Guns

We’ve been fans of StealthGear’s uber-comfy holsters — the ones that feature their VentCore backing — since we first tried one way back when.